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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at Grace Gathering?
  • A half hour of worship (sing, Bible reading, sing, pray, sing)

  • A half hour of snack and conversation (coffee/tea/water, veggies/fruit/cookies)

  • A half hour of service (a project to serve the community)

What makes the worship service comfortable for people living with memory loss?
  • No sermon

  • Limit songs to old favorites

  • Only piano (not amplified) for instrumentation

  • A spoken recognition each service that the norms for church aren’t in effect as we meet. Also a reassurance that God loves each of us and meets us exactly as we are

What does "interdenominational worship" mean?

The worship doesn’t include a sermon or particular teaching. Our focus is on singing, Bible reading, and praying. We aim to sing songs that will be familiar favorites for all Christians. Just a few examples: “Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty!,” “Amazing Grace,” “Jesus Loves Me.”

What service projects do you do?

The projects we work on support programs for those in need in our area. For example, prepping utensil packets for a meal for those in need or portioning bulk items for a local food bank.

Do you provide personal care?

No. Folks who require help with personal care (such as ambulating, eating, and using the restroom) must bring someone with them. This could be a friend or family member, or a professional caregiver.

What if I live in a residential community or attend a day program?

People who reside in assisted living, nursing homes, or group homes are always welcome to attend as long as they bring a care partner if they need personal care assistance. At this time, we don’t have capacity to host groups from residences or day programs.

Do you accept solicitations?

Eastside Grace Gathering does not currently welcome solicitations from any organizations offering services to the memory-loss community. We might one day offer a resource table with material about available services, but for now we’ll avoid it altogether. Members of such organizations are welcome to attend, but they are asked to wear our generic nametags and will refrain from discussing their work. It’s our goal to provide a simple space for worship, fellowship, and service.

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